Cam challenges Madden finalist Sherman

Just call it his CAM-paign.

Or as he puts it, CAM-PAIN.

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has gone to the social media world with a video challenging his fellow "Madden NFL 15" cover vote finalist Richard Sherman -- and apparently the rest of Madden Nation -- to a game of video football.

"And if you don't want to play me, that is cool and that's understandable, because these thumbs are official," Newton tells the Seattle Seahawks cornerback in his YouTube video below.

Newton made no secret of his desire a year ago to be on the Madden cover. Now that he's a finalist for the second straight year he's showing just how serious he is with the video.

It begins with Newton emerging from a room with the sign "boog1VILLE, USA" on the door and warning "Enter At Your Own Risk."

Oh, and there's also a Ric Flair "Wooooo!"

Newton is asked about the final play of his most recent Madden victory, to which he replies: "I am the best gamer in the league."

The first pick of the 2011 draft then takes you inside where he reminds viewers to "please notice you are entering unchartered territory."

He then shows off his PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on which he apparently plays a lot of Madden football.

"Ambidextrous with these thumbs," Newton says.

Then comes the challenge to Sherman and a reminder that there are only a few days left before the cover vote result will be announced on "SportsCenter" at Friday around 7:30 p.m.

Newton tells fans they can challenge him by following him on Twitter at @CameronNewton or Instagram at @Cameron1Newton and including a game tag and game console.

Then just for the Sherman challenge, he suggests the Super Bowl champion call 1-888-CAM-PAIN.

It's all written out on a large grease board like the one coaches use to draw up plays.

"Mr. Sherman, call expeditiously, fast, ASAP," Newton says into the camera.

Then his tone softens and Newton flashes his All-American smile and says, "I am Cam Newton, and I do approve this message."