Did you know Day 3? Benjamin's hands

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Third on my list of five things surrounding the Carolina Panthers that have nothing to do with Xs and Os on the "Did You Know?" list are hands.

Big hands.

Welcome to Kelvin Benjamin's world.

One of the first things general manager Dave Gettleman and head coach Ron Rivera said about the 28th pick of the NFL draft in May was he had big hands.

"His hands will engulf your hands," Rivera told me.

He was right. I held my hand up to Benjamin's during last week's minicamp.

It wasn't close.

Benjamin's hands that require size 3X gloves were about three inches larger than mine. Admittedly, I don't have big hands, which explains why palming a basketball was always difficult.

But Benjamin's hands are so big he could palm the Earth.

OK, that's a stretch.

But I bet he could hold two or three beer cans in one hand if he wanted to. If he were a pitcher, he could throw two baseballs with little trouble.

Are they the biggest hands on the team?

"I got to check with the D-ends," Benjamin said.

I checked with equipment manager Jackie Miles. One of his responsibilities is fitting players with gloves. He acknowledged that Benjamin's 3X gloves are at least tied for the team lead and the largest among the receivers.

Does that give Benjamin an advantage on the field? He admits it doesn't hurt making those amazing one-handed grabs we've seen in organized team activities.

Free agent Jason Avant, who at 6-foot is five inches shorter than Benjamin, insists he wears 3X gloves as well, even though his hands don't look as big as the rookie's.

"Most guys wear a 1X or a large," Avant said.

And does it help?

"If you can catch, you can catch," Avant said. "DeSean Jackson, for example, his hands are small, so it doesn’t really matter how big or how small. Tony Gywnn had the smallest hands ever and hit big.

"I have seen guys with little hands catch it. I have seen guys with big hands catch it. I’ve seen guys with both who can’t catch it."

Benjamin's hands are so big they look like he could catch a gust of wind and fly with them.