Martellus Bennett posts trailer to his short film

We’re in the midst of free-agent frenzy, but let’s take a quick break to recognize tight end Martellus Bennett for what appears to be completion of his first animated short film.

Bennett posted a link to the trailer on his Instagram page.

While there’s not much to see there, our own David Fleming did a profile on Bennett in November, which delved into great detail about the tight end’s film, which is expected to premier this month in Los Angeles.

The film is called “Zoovie,” and it’s about a performing penguin named Cosmo, who is voiced by rapper Asher Roth.

Cosmo wants to do more than just perform routines for crowds at the zoo, and in a way, this animated film is metaphoric for Bennett.

Bennett told Fleming: “Football is so restrictive and controlled. Someone else comes up with a play, and you have to run a specific route and run it exactly the right way or the whole thing breaks down. There isn't a lot of room for creativity. So I need this outlet. I need to get away and refresh my mind. We all do. That's what the bye week's for. And if I don't, things just build up and I get creatively constipated, and that's not good for anybody."