The Chicago Bears' missed tackles had a lot to do with Cedric Benson's career day

CINCINNATI -- Was Cedric Benson that good while rushing for a career-high 189 yards and a touchdown? Or was the Bears defense that bad?

Maybe the truth lies somewhere in the middle, or at least that was the impression given off by a few veteran defenders in the postgame locker room.

"My hat's off to Cedric. I'm sure he's feeling great right now to have a game like that against guys who supposedly discarded you," Hunter Hillenmeyer said. "But that's life in the NFL. I don't think anybody on our side has any bitterness about the situation. I wish him the best and hope he has a good, healthy year. But we didn't play well, we didn't make tackles, we didn't line up right. If he's not getting hit until he's ten yards down the field, that's bad defense, not great offense."

"Ced played well, we probably missed some tackles after watching the film, and we didn't make any plays" Adewale Ogunleye said. "Not watching the film [yet], I can probably tell you that's what happened."

Benson routinely went untouched before reaching the second or third level of the Bears defense. Give Benson his due, but the Bears missed an astounding amount of tackles. It should be a rough film session back at Halas Hall on Monday.