The Chicago Bears hurt themselves with mental mistakes against the Cincinnati Bengals

CINCINNATI -- Leading up to the Bengals game, Bears offensive coordinator Ron Turner stressed the importance of cleaning up all the mental miscues.

His pleas fell on deaf ears.

"We started the game with a false start [on Chris Williams]," Turner lamented. "We talked about that all week, and really worked hard on that all week, saying we can't hurt ourselves. [We want to] give ourselves a chance on every play, and we start the first play of the game with a false start. It didn't get a whole lot better from there."

No, it did not.

Jay Cutler tossed three interceptions and Devin Hester lost a fumble early in the second quarter. Things got so out of hand, the Bears completely abandoned the run game -- Matt Forte and Garrett Wolfe combined for just nine carries.

We should point out the Bears had the football for just 23:38, but even when they had the ball, they didn't muster much of an effort.