Bears will miss dependable Brown

Alex Brown didn't post big sack numbers but he was a consistent force on the Bears' line for eight seasons. Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Great, another tweet. And this one carrying even worse news than Oney Guillen leaving the White Sox, if you can believe it.

But at least we don't have to do too much deciphering to spot a good-bye. Chicago Bears defensive end Alex Brown made it official Wednesday by thanking the team that cut him loose and wishing the organization the best.

Brown wrote off his apparent exit from the Bears as "the nature of the business" and did not reveal any bitter feelings as he tweeted, "Bear down!"

If he could have sung one last verse of the team fight song, I'm quite certain he would have, for that's the kind of guy he is. But most teams these days don't put much of a premium on dependable players and stand-up people.

They want more. More production. More for their money. More evidence that as high-powered executives, they're doing their jobs when in most cases, less is more.

In Brown's situation, a little hand-wringing is fair game. For all the sacks he didn't ring up, you knew what you were going to get from him each day, each practice, each season. Dependability. Durability. No surprises. On a defense that is a far cry from the league elite, above-average known quantities like the eight-year veteran should be considered gold.

But the Bears, in that arrogant way they have, will roll the dice that Mark Anderson will somehow snap back into the carefree rookie who had 12 sacks in 2006, as opposed to the guy who has disappeared since then, handing the starting job back to Brown, who never deserved to have it taken away in the first place.

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