Butler: Bears can't overshadow '85 team

Jim McMahon and Mike Ditka were two of the personalities that made the '85 Bears memorable. Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Former Chicago Bears kicker Kevin Butler said even if Jay Cutler’s crew wins the Super Bowl this year, it won’t capture the attention of Chicago the way the 1985 team did after winning Super Bowl XX.

“The characters on that team really brought many, many fans who weren’t football fans to become football fans back then,” Butler said Friday on “The Waddle & Silvy Show” on ESPN 1000. “That was something that was so good and unique to that team, and I don’t think it will be duplicated.

“So I think if think they win a championship, it will be very exciting, but I don’t see it taking over the characters of that football team.”

While fans of the current Bears know Cutler and Brian Urlacher and Devin Hester, Butler said there’s no comparison to the characters of the ’85 squad.

“That year was very special in so many different ways,” Butler said. “Not only winning the championship, but the way we won it, the dominance of the defense the characters of the team from Walter to Fridge to Coach Ditka to Hampton to McMahon, McMichael you can go down the list.

“And the best thing about that team is a lot of them are still in the community and giving back to the city. It’s a very unique situation, and I think the players are still giving back to the city that’s giving back to us after 25 years.”