Trestman: Peyton upped QB standards

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- Chicago Bears coach Marc Trestman did not see all of Peyton Manning's seven-touchdown performance for the Denver Broncos on Thursday night, but he knows enough about it to understand the effect it will have.

"Everybody's standards got much higher after last night," Trestman said. "I'm sure all the quarterbacks throughout the league were watching."

Trestman's own standards won't be changing any time soon, though. The quarterback-savvy coach won't be leaning on Jay Cutler any more than he planned to when he started developing the game plan for Sunday's opener against the Cincinnati Bengals.

"We're going to really go out there and do what we said we were going to do," Trestman said. "We're going to try to be efficient at the position, move the football, try to have some balance, spread the ball around, help the guys up front protection-wise to get their feet under them and see how it goes from the first quarter on. I think our guys are excited and confident that they will go out and play well."

Trestman might be offense-oriented but he wasn't about to let a quarterback performance for the ages distract him Thursday.

"I didn't see it," said Trestman, who is days away from his first game as an NFL head coach. "I saw a glimpse of it but I really didn't see it. I was still working so I didn't see much of it. I heard a lot about it. I saw a couple of series and he threw touchdowns in both series. I imagine it was quite a game for him and certainly a new standard for quarterbacks throughout the league to try and meet."