Trestman's focus is on game, not big stage

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- All week long Chicago Bears players have pointed toward their game on Sunday night, and the national television audience that goes along with it, as one reason for inspiration.

More important, obviously, is the chance to go 3-0 and being prepared for a winless Pittsburgh Steelers team, whose defense still gets respect around the NFL despite its struggles. As for letting the country see what the Bears are all about, though, new coach Marc Trestman could not care less.

"That's the last thing [being considered]," Trestman said after practice Friday. "Honestly, my focus has been consistent, and I truly believe in it. It's just to create the environment daily for our guys to succeed, and I'm not going there."

Trestman continues to show that he doesn't have an ego about anything he is doing in his first NFL head-coaching job. Away in the Canadian Football League for the previous five seasons, nobody would have blamed Trestman if he considered this a statement game to show he's back.

"I know the questions are going to be asked, but I am giving you a straight answer that there is no consideration of any of that going in," he said. "It's just to do whatever we can to be at our best and have our team be at our best."

If there is anything he is considering, outside of things that will help the Bears win Sunday, it is the chance to take his team into a storied NFL town.

"It is Pittsburgh, one of the traditional teams, very similar to the team we're fortunate enough to be with here," Trestman said. "When people come into this city, or go to Pittsburgh, they know great games have been played there with great players and there is great tradition. I think that is all part of it."

Ultimately, though, Trestman has respect for every NFL city and every NFL venue.

"Every place you have the opportunity to coach in the National Football League is a special place because it is something not everybody gets to do," he said. "So I don't know that any one place is more special than the next. I think they're all terribly special."