Power Rankings: No. 10 Chicago Bears

A weekly examination of the Bears’ ESPN.com Power Ranking:

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The panelists voting for ESPN.com’s Power Rankings apparently haven’t lost faith in the Chicago Bears even though the team has lost consecutive games.

After falling 26-18 to the New Orleans Saints (No. 2) on Sunday, the Bears dropped only one spot from ninth to No. 10, and still rank as tops in the NFC North, with the Green Bay Packers lurking at No. 11 and the Detroit Lions sitting at 12th.

The Minnesota Vikings, meanwhile, check in at 28th.

At this point, it’s debatable whether Chicago deserves to stay in the top 10, but for the club to remain competitive in two consecutive defeats despite a combined five turnovers is something of a feat. Through the first five contests -- even the first three victories -- the Bears still haven’t played a complete game.

The Bears show signs of improvement, which gives them the look of an ascending team instead of one that has reached its peak. So that’s encouraging.

Of the six ESPN.com panelists, four voted the Bears out of the top 10 (three 11th-place votes and one for 10th), while two gave the team eighth- and ninth-place votes, respectively.