Jay Cutler acknowledges he's changed

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler acknowledged on Monday that he has changed for the better, and credited the new coaching staff headed up by Marc Trestman, in addition to teammates on the offensive line and at the "skill" positions.

Often described as petulant, Cutler hasn’t displayed the quality so far this season the way he did in years past.

“I think everyone changes over a period of time,” Cutler said during “The Jay Cutler Show” on ESPN 1000. “People change for the better, some for the worst. It just depends.”

Having moved on to a new staff led by an offensive-minded head coach, Cutler receives the best pass protection he has had as a Bears QB, and he is surrounded by multiple weapons on his side of the ball, which is a change from Lovie Smith, who preferred to bolster the defense.

In the 2013 regular season, Cutler has connected on 143 of 217 passing attempts, or 65.9 percent, and is on pace for a career high and highest for a season in franchise history. He has completed at least 60 percent of his passes in five of six games, and has thrown for 300 or more yards in two games.

With nine 300-yard passing games as a Bear, Cutler is tied with Billy Wade for the most in franchise history.

“I like the situation I’m in right now with the coaches. Marc Trestman, [Matt Cavanaugh], [Aaron Kromer], all those guys are doing a great job of getting this team offensively where we need to be. Offensive line, I can’t say enough about them. I think they’re the biggest byproduct of where we are offensively,” Cutler said. “We brought in Martellus Bennett, some other guys around us. We’ve got (Brandon Marshall), Alshon [Jeffery], Earl [Bennett], Matt Forte, [Michael] Bush, all those guys are playing well.”

In the final year of a contract that pays $8.47 million this season, Cutler also cited an enjoyable life off the field for the change he has experienced. Cutler and reality television star Kristin Cavallari married in June, and, the summer before that, Cavallari gave birth to the couple’s son, Camden.

“At home, life is good. Kristin’s actually here tonight with me. We’re gonna have a little date night, go downtown stuff, go to dinner. So that’s great,” Cutler said. “Cam is doing great. I’m in a good place right now. It makes it a lot easier when you have good guys to work around you. It makes my life easier.”