Marshall: Monday return for Cutler possible

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- Repeated attempts made by Chicago Bears coach Marc Trestman to temper expectations for a quick return by quarterback Jay Cutler haven’t diminished the optimism of receiver Brandon Marshall.

Marshall recently said he expected Cutler back in the lineup in time for the team’s Nov. 10 game against the Detroit Lions in the “worst-case scenario,” but on Thursday, took it a step further.

“I’m expecting him to be on the field against Green Bay,” Marshall said. “I’m not ruling out Green Bay. I heard Coach Trestman talking about doctors, their diagnoses and talking all that big talk. But we need to get Jay out there for Green Bay.”

Out for a minimum of four weeks with a torn muscle in his groin, Cutler said “the goal” is to return before the prescribed timeframe for recovery, but Trestman and general manager Phil Emery have said the team plans to adhere to doctor’s orders, making a return at Green Bay for the quarterback on Monday night highly doubtful. While Cutler has not been ruled out on the official injury report, veteran backup Josh McCown has taken all repetitions this week at practice.

“Brandon is a teammate and he’s optimistic that his teammate will be back,” Trestman said on Tuesday. “He’s not the doctor. When I talk about a player’s prognosis to play, it’s not mine. It’s what the doctors have said is the normal. That doesn’t mean that Jay can’t beat the odds and come back quicker and again, he’s optimistic. You’ve talked to him. He’s optimistic, and we all are. I don’t make that determination, the doctors do.”

Asked why he’s so optimistic about Cutler’s return, Marshall said: “Because he’s working hard.”

“He’s doing some things that have been around for some years, but innovative,” he added. “Everybody heals different, body reacts different. I remember playing against the Chicago Bears when I was in Miami on Thursday night football and tearing my hamstring. They said four to six weeks. I was back warming up on the field for Cleveland in 10 days. It was coach (Tony) (Sparano’s decision to sit me. I came back and I was effective and able to help our team out.”