Syracuse OC: Trestman NFL's Phil Jackson

In describing Chicago Bears coach Marc Trestman, his coaching peers often discuss an unconventional approach. But Syracuse offensive coordinator George McDonald took it a step further in calling Trestman “kind of the Phil Jackson of the NFL in terms of how he sees the game from a different picture other than just football and Xs and Os.”

That is the impression McDonald took away from a visit with the team back in May, according to The (Syracuse, N.Y.) Post-Standard, which explained that one of the coach’s goals for the trip to Chicago was to glean a deeper understanding of why certain things take place on the football field.

Enter Trestman.

“I’ve always been intrigued by him,” McDonald said. “I’ve heard a lot of great things. I think he sees the game from a different perspective. He’s really good with dealing with players and communicating his vision.”

McDonald said that during his visit with the Bears, Trestman helped him to gain a better understanding of how to deal with different players, and he also met with defensive line coach Paul Pasqualoni, who served as head coach at Syracuse from 1991-2004.

Like general manager Phil Emery, McDonald was intrigued by Trestman’s coaching journey.

“Everybody can always get better on every level,” McDonald said. “I think coach Trestman has a unique story. I think his view of football and where it fits in people’s lives is unique compared to other coaches I’ve been around. You can’t put a value on it just because it doesn’t happen very often.”