Mitchell Trubisky is in lockdown mode, away from media scrutiny

BOURBONNAIS, Ill. -- The person least consumed by the insatiable coverage of Chicago Bears rookie quarterback Mitchell Trubisky is ... Mitchell Trubisky.

"I'm so good at it, I don't read a single thing," Trubisky said Tuesday.


"Not a little bit," Trubisky responded.

Still, the interest in Trubisky is inescapable.

As the second pick of the 2017 NFL draft, Trubisky is Chicago's future.

And the Bears need to sell hope.

The past couple of seasons have been bleak -- three straight last-place finishes and zero playoff appearances since 2010 -- but Trubisky was considered by many talent evaluators as the best quarterback in this year's draft class. The Bears' surprise selection of Trubisky at No. 2 sent shockwaves -- good and bad -- through an agitated fan base that became indifferent at the end of last year, with attendance plummeting at Soldier Field.

But everyone, it seemed, had an opinion on the Trubisky pick.

Trubisky, though, is content to put on blinders -- with help from veteran quarterback Mark Sanchez, who's passed along life lessons to the heralded rookie.

"He's giving me good advice about [where to live] because depending on what [size house] you get it may send the wrong message to your friends and family," Trubisky said. "I can't have an open house all the time, I've got work to do. So keeping it small, keeping it businesslike. I've got a job to do here. Especially my first year, I've got to really just focus in and learn as much as I can and then maybe down the road. I mean, it's only just me. I don't even have my own family yet. He's giving me advice on that."

Trubisky signed a four-year contract worth $29,032,436 fully guaranteed, but he's still figuring out his new living arrangements.

"I'm not sure what I'm going to do for living yet," Trubisky said. "I don't think the big house is going to be the first purchase. So I'll probably just rent, get a small apartment, continue to isolate myself from the media and everybody else, just go on lockdown.

"[I mean], I've got social media. You just pick and choose what you look at and who you follow."

In the meantime, Trubisky is focused on Chicago's preseason opener Thursday night versus the Denver Broncos.

Trubisky is scheduled to enter the game at quarterback after Glennon and Sanchez.

"I'll be excited, anxious to get out there on the field to show what I can do, mostly to prove to my teammates why I'm here and what I can do and just go out there and do my job and have fun," Trubisky said. "That's what we play football for; to have fun and go out there and enjoy it and I'm looking forward to it."

"I just want to play great situational football, control the game. Each time I'm in there with my teammates just show command at the line of scrimmage, drive the ball down the field, be efficient, pick up first downs and hopefully finish in the end zone a couple times. It's all about taking care of the football, going out there having fun and doing my job."