Q&A: Bears head coach John Fox

Chicago Bears head coach John Fox spoke to reporters off the field Friday at rookie minicamp.

Here is a sample of the highlights:

What do you want to see accomplished in rookie minicamp? “Well, I mean there is a combination of guys. You’ve got draft picks who you probably know a little better. Then we have college free agents, who we actually signed to contracts and then we have a bunch of workout guys. So you can find guys. Victor Cruz started as a workout guy. So we’re evaluating. That’s why you come out here and practice and put them in those settings and then try to make good choices, whether it’s like the draft or free agency or whatever market of players you have.”

What will Adam Gase’s offense look like? “You know, part of coaching is adapting your scheme to players and putting them in position to have success. That won’t change whether it is offense, defense or special teams. Right now we are evaluating our players to figure out maybe what kind of scheme will be the best. We’re going to be constantly changing it so it’s a little early to predict what that is yet.”

Are receivers coming into the NFL better from more spread offenses? “Much like our game, the passing game has become -- I don’t know, en vogue -- in college football as well. If you watched our practice today, there were some issues with taking the snap from under center. That’s one thing I know that they’re not doing as much in college now. As far as the passing game, just like our game, there are more passes in college football as well.”

Are you happy with offensive coordinator Adam Gase? “I think he’s a real good young coach. He was brought up right, meaning he’s not afraid to work. He works countless hours. He’s smart. I think he’s really sharp on game day, as far as a play caller. There’s a certain art to that as well. Those are the things that stick out. He’s a good evaluator, which I think is all part of coaching. I’ve been impressed with what I’ve seen.”

Why did you sign undrafted rookie free agent quarterback Shane Carden? “He was actually a guy that we had good grades on, a guy that could have potentially been a draft pick. Our scouts, obviously, saw a lot more of him than the coaching staff. But he was productive, smart. He has good moxie, being able to execute in a pass offense that throws the ball quite a bit and was very productive.”