Chicago Bears lineman Kevin Shaffer, who played for the Cleveland Browns, discusses the strengths and weaknesses of Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn.

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- Chicago Bears offensive lineman Kevin Shaffer is a good person to ask about the Cleveland Browns' unsettled quarterback situation. A member of the Browns from 2006-08, Shaffer has first-hand knowledge of both Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn.

"D.A. [Anderson] has a great arm," Shaffer said. "He's a guy that is going to sit in the pocket and make a play.

"Brady is the type of guy who may move around a little bit. He's a strong kid and very athletic. He can't throw the ball quite as far or as hard [as Anderson], but he makes up for it in his athleticism. He can move around in the pocket a little bit, and is more of a mobile quarterback."

Cleveland ranks 31st in passing offense, averaging only 128.3 yards per game through the air. Both Anderson -- Sunday's starter -- and Quinn have struggled so badly that their combined quarterback rating is 46.0.

That's Jonathan Quinn bad.