Chicago Bears head coach Lovie Smith upset with questions about personnel

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- If the Chicago Bears are planning to make any personnel moves, head coach Lovie Smith is intent on keeping that information private.

"OK, I'm not going to talk about anything personnel wise," Smith said. "That's pretty clear. So, if that's all you want to talk about, there's nothing else to talk about."

Later in the news conference, Smith was again pressed on why he doesn't reveal lineup changes.

"Just don't want to, simple as that," Smith responded. "I don't want to give the opponent an advantage. We want them to wonder what we're going to do, just like you are right now. That's how it's been throughout [my time here]. It's not like there's something new I'm coming up with right now."

A team source told ESPNChicago.com that Josh Beekman will receive first-team reps at left guard this week and will replace Frank Omiyale when the Bears face the Cleveland Browns.

Is Smith concerned such a move would be tantamount to putting all the blame on one player -- which in this case would be Omiyale?

"Can't go on what anything looks like," Smith said. "[You] do what you feel is right, period. Nothing else. Don't worry about feelings, what it looks like. It's what gives us the best chance, and we go with it."