Chicago Bears' Tommie Harris still defensive after return to field

CHICAGO -- It's not a secret the Bears used several techniques to try to jump-start defensive tackle Tommie Harris.

Not only did Lovie Smith opt to bench Harris against Cincinnati, he required the defensive lineman to actually practice on Wednesday. In addition, the organization reportedly took steps to alter the treatment program for Harris' chronically bothersome left knee.

It was a topic Harris refused to discuss after the victory over Cleveland.

"No. You have to ask [Bears head athletic trainer] Tim Bream that. I don't know about a different treatment program," Harris said. "I don't know about a different treatment program, I'm telling you that much. So you'll have to ask them about that."

"Don't try to start some junk, because you don't know what you're talking about," Harris continued. "'Cause you started all that last week. Listen, I come in the locker room last week, and [you] ask me what's going on. I said, 'I don't play. I don't talk if I don't play.' Then the next day I read 'Mystery, Tommie Harris is going on.' 'Are you suspended?' That's negative stuff we don't need."

Harris was credited with two tackles versus the Browns.