Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Ron Turner said his team doesn't need to simplify its offense

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- An angry Ron Turner spoke Sunday about scaling back the Chicago Bears' offense after a shaky performance against the Cleveland Browns.

At least publicly it sounds like the offensive coordinator has changed his mind. Tuner was asked Wednesday if he still plans on simplifying things moving forward.

"Not really, we just have to execute better," Tuner said. "We got to come out and take care of our business. We went and looked at it, I don't think we need to pare anything back. We're fine with what we're doing, we just got to do it better."

Turner did acknowledge his players are thinking too much, which in turn has been causing problems.

"I think we had some guys pressing a little bit," Turner said. "We had some guys over analyzing things, over thinking things. Well, I thought I saw this, or I thought they were going to do this. No, just react. That's what we tell them all time, just apply your rules and react. If we do that, that will cover everything they're doing, and we'll be fine."