Tommie Harris' punch cost Chicago Bears versus Arizona Cardinals

Listen to Lovie Smith and Jay Cutler discuss the loss.

CHICAGO -- Alex Brown was tight-lipped about defensive tackle Tommie Harris after the Bears' 41-21 loss to the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday.

"Ninety-one [Harris] going out hurt us a lot," the Bears defensive end said.

Do you understand what that was all about, the deal with [Harris]?

"That's as far as I'm talking about 91," Brown said.

If only it were that easy.

Harris' decision to punch Arizona guard Deuce Lutui in the head on the fourth play on the game rivals only Charles Tillman's personal foul versus Tampa Bay in 2008 in terms of sheer stupidity. I don't care what Lutui did to provoke Harris; that type of response is unacceptable and should be punished further by the NFL.

However, Harris acting like a fool is hardly an isolated incident. Let's look at it this way: Harris has let down his teammates, coaches and fans three times in just over a year.

1. 2008: Inactive versus Philadelphia, then suspended against Detroit.

2. 2009: A healthy scratch in Cincinnati.

3. Sunday: Getting ejected versus Arizona.

"I haven't really had a chance to get a good explanation from Tommie," Lovie Smith said. "I didn't talk to Tommie after the game."

Actually, Harris didn't talk to anyone after the game -- he was long gone by the time the media got to the Bears locker room.

Lovie might want to put talking to Harris on his to-do list for Monday. While he's at it, he might try to figure out whether the Bears have any further use for a mediocre, problematic three-technique defensive tackle.