Turner: 3 Cutler picks not his fault

It wasn't Jay Cutler's fault that one of his receivers felll and another stopped his route against the 49ers. Tony Medina/SMI


LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- Ron Turner spent a lot of time going over the San Francisco film, and what he found should come as no surprise to anybody who watched the game: Not all of Jay Cutler's five interceptions were a result of quarterback error.

"I looked at three of them, and I couldn't really grade him down," Turner said. "I couldn't really say 'Jay, you need to do something different on these plays'. You know what I mean? It's part of the game, and it happens. The ones that he can avoid, he's got to avoid. He's got to throw the ball away at times. But as a team, we have to cut them out, eliminate them."

Turner was asked to identify the three interceptions in question.

"I'm not getting into specifics. Okay," Turner replied.

He doesn't need to. The two red-zone turnovers were all on Cutler, while the rest were due to other factors: a receiver falling down; a receiver running into an official and stopping his route; a tight end falling down/non-call on pass interference.