Olsen looks to improve against Packers


LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- Charles Woodson's play against Bears tight end Greg Olsen in Week 1 has garnered quite a bit of attention this week -- especially since Olsen only caught one pass for eight yards. But rest assured, Olsen has done plenty of research on Woodson and the Packers defense in preparation for Sunday's contest at Soldier Field.

"They mix it up," Olsen said. "Sometimes he (Woodson) plays man, sometimes he presses and tries to jump you at the line, and sometimes it's more of a catch (technique). If they are in zone, sometimes they try to inside out, or underneath trail with help over the top. They do a good job. They're not just going to line up in the same coverage, same front, same set up every time. That's what makes them successful. Obviously, he's one of the rare guys that can do multiple techniques because of his abilities."

Green Bay cornerbacks have also perfected the art of using an arm bar on opposing receivers -- forcing a wide out to basically try and catch the ball with one arm. Sometimes it draws a flag. Sometimes it does not.

"Everyone finds things that give them an advantage," Olsen said. "At this level, those advantages sometimes can mean all the difference.

"The have good guys out there, and I know Al Harris isn't playing anymore, but when they had that combination of Woodson and Harris, it was one of the top tandems in the league. They're veterans, they're savvy, and people can say what they want about the technique, but it's effective. Most of the time it's not going to be called. You have to do a good job of continuing to battle downfield with your hands, and try to get hand placement, and just go up and fight for the ball. You can't let them pin you down, so you kind of have to take the attack to them."

We should point out Olsen has been successful against Green Bay in the past. He caught 4 passes for 57 yards and a touchdown at Lambeau Field in 2007, and had 5 catches for 49 yards and a score at home last December. It probably goes without saying that the Bears could really use a big game from Olsen if they want to snap the Packers four game winning streak.