Defense starts slow again

Ryan Grant burned the Bears again Sunday with 137 yards rushing and two touchdowns. AP Photo/Kiichiro Sato

CHICAGO -- Why does the defense always start slowly?

The Chicago Bears are now 3-7 in games the opposing team scores first -- 22-25 overall in the Lovie Smith era -- as Ryan Grant ran for a 62-yard touchdown on Green Bay's first offensive play from scrimmage.

"Somebody didn't do their job," defensive end Alex Brown said. "One guy not doing their job can make the defense look bad."

It looked like Hunter Hillenmeyer, Lance Briggs and Kevin Payne each had a shot to take down Grant. Extra safety Josh Bullocks also appeared to be running somewhere on the play, just not toward the ball carrier.

"I think the (Packers) lineman got up to the second level quick and cut off two people," defensive tackle Tommie Harris said. "He got a two-for-one, like he blocked two guys. He (Grant) just had a big gap, and we didn't have guys on the other side pursuing, and Grant just busted it open."

Grant finished with 137 rushing yards and two touchdowns after gashing the Bears for 145 yards in Green Bay's win at Lambeau Field in 2008.