Whom to blame? Don't look at defense

CHICAGO -- It's going to be an ugly week at Halas Hall, with plenty of conversation about penalties, turnovers and overall bad decision-making by the coaching staff.

Nobody wants to hear about the positives on Sunday -- with the exception of maybe Devin Aromashodu and Johnny Knox -- but after re-watching the game, you can't ignore the fact the defense did a decent job.

Of course, the 62-yard run by Ryan Grant was a killer, and it's something that cannot be overlooked, but after the first two Green Bay series (which resulted in 10 points), the defense was solid.

  • Mason Crosby's second first half field goal was a result of a Bears' turnover -- the Packers began the drive on the Bears' 39-yard line.

  • Grant's second touchdown was a result of another Bears' turnover -- the Packers began the drive on the Bears' 11-yard line.

    Looking at the numbers, the Bears held Green Bay below their season averages in points scored, total yards and passing yards. Aaron Rodgersactually threw for fewer yards (180) on Sunday, than he did in the season opener at Lambeau Field (184).

    The defense also recovered a pair of fumbles (Danieal Manning and Anthony Adams), which evened out the turnover ratio for the afternoon -- the Packers were plus-18 in that department heading into the matchup.

    Take into account the defense had to overcome Lovie Smith's silly decision to use Josh Bullocks as a third safety (Zack Bowman has been a better run stopper than Bullocks all season, so why pull Bowman off the field?), and the overall predictability of the scheme (Hey, it's third down. I wonder if the Bears will be in man coverage?), you'll see the defense did enough to win.

    This one was on the offense.