Schefter: Shanahan will not coach Chicago Bears

CHICAGO, Ill. -- ESPN's Adam Schefter just threw a bucket of cold water on any Mike Shanahan-to-Chicago speculation. Schefter reported Sunday morning -- via his Twitter account -- that Shanahan won't be the next Chicago Bears coach because he has too much respect for Lovie Smith.

"Despite speculation to contrary, Mike Shanahan will not wind up coaching Chicago nor Houston. Too much respect for Lovie and Kubiak," Shefter wrote.

Shanahan's reluctance to replace Gary Kubiak in Houston is understandable because Kubiak is Shanahan's former top assistant in Denver. It's unclear why Shanahan would feel the same way about Smith. One thing is clear; he’s expected to command between $8-10 million per season. Bears general manager Jerry Angelo said last week money would not be an issue when it comes to potentially firing Smith, but he never mentioned anything about being able to open up the McCaskey's checkbook to hire an expensive new head coach.

Most analysts feel Shanahan is heading to the Washington Redskins.