McKie laments Turner's dismissal


LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- Bears players reacted with a mixture of emotions Tuesday upon learning about the various changes to the coaching staff.

"On one hand, I'm really happy that coach [Lovie] Smith is going to back next year," starting fullback Jason McKie said. "I think all the players knew Lovie wasn't going anywhere, but it's still a relief.

“ But on the other hand, I'm very sad to see Ron Turner go. I feel like, as players, we made a lot of mistakes on offense this year. When you look at all those penalties and missed opportunities in the red zone, that falls on the players, not the coaches."

An eight-year veteran, McKie played for Turner the last five seasons.

"Ron is a good coach," McKie said. "I know he'll find a job soon. Besides being a good coach, he's a good person. But that's just the nature of this business."