Time for Bears to make a move

CHICAGO -- It's time for the Bears to make a move.

The mere fact Rob Chudzinski is getting on a plane to interview for the Bears' offensive coordinator position is a minor miracle in itself. He works for the very man (Norv Turner) whose brother the Bears just fired, on a coaching staff full of ex-Chicago assistants (Ron Rivera, Steve Wilks, Don Johnson). Not to mention, Chudzinski already has a very secure job (Turner just got a three-year extension), to go along with a nice title (assistant head coach), for a successful franchise in a beautiful city like San Diego.

The time for "due diligence" is over. If the Bears are serious about Chudzinski, they would be wise to extend him an offer before he reportedly leaves town Thursday.

Look at the facts: Chudzinski has been a successful play caller at both the college (Miami) and professional levels (Cleveland), and is credited for helping develop star tight ends Kellen Winslow, Jeremy Shockey and Antonio Gates.

Plus, he already has pre-existing relationships with two of the Bears' biggest pieces on offense: Greg Olsen and Devin Hester. It's not a secret that Olsen and Jay Cutler are good friends, which increases the odds of the quarterback being receptive to the idea of working with Chudzinski.

It's impossible to precisely forecast the future. Maybe better candidates will emerge in the coming weeks as more teams are eliminated from postseason play and organizations continue to reshuffle their coaching staffs.

But what if that doesn't happen? What then? Is that a question the Bears want to be asking themselves two weeks from now?

Don't let Rob Chudzinski turn into another Perry Fewell and Jeremy Bates.