Faulk: Be prepared when playing for Martz

Marshall Faulk said Jay Cutler should be able to digest Mike Martz's playbook in a week. AP Photo/James A. Finley


MIAMI -- Former All-Pro running back Marshall Faulk offered up sound advice about Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz.

"If you mess up, if you don't do your job, if you don't work hard, he's extremely difficult to deal with," Faulk said during Tuesday's Super Bowl media day at Sun Life Stadium. "If you decide to take a day off, you will hate Mike Martz. If you show up for work or for a meeting and you're not prepared, you will hate him. It's that simple."

Faulk, who spent seven seasons with Martz in St. Louis, disputes the theory that Martz's offensive system may prove too difficult to learn for some players.

"It's not about the offense, it's about the quarterback," Faulk said. "If the quarterback can call it and learn it, everybody else can call it and learn it, because the quarterback has more on his plate than anybody else. Everything is based on the quarterback. They're going to run what Cutler can handle."

"The learning curve is based on Cutler, and what his abilities are. I mean, he's a Vanderbilt guy, he should be able to digest it in a week."

Historically, Martz has placed a lower priority on running the ball and involving the tight end in the passing the game, but Faulk expects both to be non-issues in Chicago, and even predicted Matt Forte will embrace the new opportunity.

"He'll love it, if he can just understand and come to grips with the fact that a screen pass or a check down is just like getting a handoff and breaking the line of scrimmage,” Faulk said. “If you can fix that in your head, and not expect to get 30 carries a game, then you can play and play well in Mike's offense."

"[Also], this will be the best tight end he's ever had," Faulk said. "[Greg] Olsen will be the best tight end he's ever had.”