Colts' Williams could be good fit for Bears


MIAMI -- If Lovie Smith still intends to look outside the organization for a defensive coordinator, then it's hard to knock the qualifications of Indianapolis Colts secondary coach Alan Williams.

"I've had good guys to work with," Williams said Tuesday. "Coach [Tony] Dungy is probably the best that there is in terms of being able to communicate, and communicating what he wants done and how he wants to do it.

“I've had a chance to work with Monte Kiffin, Rod Marinelli and Mike Tomlin. Actually, Tomlin is the reason why I'm in the NFL, because he recommended me for the [defensive assistant] job down in Tampa [in 2001]. I've also worked with [Indianapolis defensive coordinator] Larry Coyer, who brought something different to our Tampa 2 system, so I've had good teachers and good training."

After spending just one season in Tampa, Williams made the jump to Indianapolis with Dungy in 2002, where he has overseen defensive backs for the last eight years. Although Williams never actually served on the same staff with Smith, it sounds like the two coaches have a solid relationship.

"I know Lovie well," Williams said. "He's a very good coach. When I first got to Tampa, one of the first things Monte Kiffin said when I got there was that Lovie was well beyond his years in terms of coaching linebackers. Monte knew Lovie would be a great coordinator and a great head coach, one of those rare coaches that come a long every so often."