New challenge awaits Colts in Miami

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- A different challenge faces the Indianapolis Colts' defense in this South Florida Super Bowl.

“The Bears, they had Thomas Jones and Cedric Benson that were running the ball," Colts safety Antoine Bethea said. "This week, this time, we have to prepare for Drew Brees and that passing sector that they have. Not to disregard the running back that they have [Matt Forte], they do have a great running game. They’ve got real good balance. It’s going to be a good chance for our defense and no better showcase to see it rather than in the Super Bowl.”

The Colts benefited from five Bears turnovers back in Super Bowl XLI, as Rex Grossmanthrew for just 165 yards and a pair of interceptions. Something tells me Brees will be a little more efficient than Grossman was three years ago.