Will talent be there for Bears?

Jerry Angelo used Devin Aramashodou as an example of the Bears' approach to developing talent on Friday. Scott Boehm/Getty Images

INDIANAPOLIS -- During a pleasant, 24-minute chat with reporters in his sumptuous hotel suite, Bears general manager Jerry Angelo offered what might be my favorite out-of-context quote of the year, maybe the decade.

"We just don't collect talent," he said. "That isn't what this is about."

I mean, is that perfect or what? The Chicago Bears: We don't collect talent. We just collect season-ticket deposits.

And I thought team president Ted Phillips' decree that the Bears aren't going "to go hog wild in free agency" was deflating. Now the Bears don't even want talent!

OK, I'm kidding a bit here. In context, it had a different, less hilarious meaning, but what fun is that? Angelo was answering a question about bringing in fresh faces with uncertain futures. I think.

"We have to have a plan for him to play and to develop," Angelo said, using Devin Aromashodu as an example. "We just don't collect talent. That isn't what this is about. You have to put a plan in place and adhere to it. We've been pretty good about that."

I guess the plan for Aromashodu was to hide him on the bench until the season was in the toilet, but no one asked that follow-up question.

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