Forte stresses need for consistency

Matt Forte is looking to be more consistent after a disappointing second season. Elsa/Getty Images

Matt Forte sat down with the NFL Players Association recently for an interview and talked about his desire to be a more consistent running back. He is also optimistic about the Chicago Bears future and his role in it.

"I would say that last year, I sort of jumped off the first half of the season and had some immediate success, but this year … I kind of struggled," Forte said in the interview. "But I think eventually the running game will come along for us and I’ll be successful."

Forte urged Bears fans to be patient and have faith in the team as they continue to build.

"You’re not going to have success every game, and it’s difficult to do some of the things on the field," he said. "Eventually good things will come because we’re all out here working hard and trying to be the best we can be. Just have faith in the team and don’t be a bandwagoner who jumps off when the team’s doing bad, then jumps back on when we do good."

Forte also said he hopes to someday be considered among the great Bears running backs, but he knows the key to that will be remaining as consistent as the likes of Walter Payton and Gayle Sayers.

"I’m looking to be consistent, because if you can be consistent -- consistently good -- then you can be considered great," Forte said. "Because all those guys, they’ve all had great games [and] great teams, but what they really share is consistency. And that’s what makes them great players."

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