Bulger a fit for the Bears?

Marc Bulger is exactly what the Bears are looking for in a backup quarterback. Steve Dykes/US Presswire

Marc Bulger makes tons of sense for the Chicago Bears, but do the Bears make sense for Marc Bulger?

That's the question worth pondering when debating whether or not the Bears will add Bulger -- released Monday by the St. Louis Rams -- to serve as the primary back-up to Jay Cutler. The Bears already have stated publicly their desire to add another veteran quarterback, and Bulger's experience, past success and previous relationship with offensive coordinator Mike Martz makes him the ideal choice.

However, any quarterback that signs with the Bears will not get a chance to compete for a starting job. Even if Bulger outplays all the other quarterbacks in Bourbonnais, Cutler is the guy, for obvious reasons that begin with that boatload of money paid to Cutler last fall. Plus, you don't mortgage your future -- giving up two first-round picks -- only to replace the guy a year later. That's silly and won't happen.

So, would Bulger rather go some place where he could legitimately compete for a starting job? Or is he okay with holding a clipboard and playing the role of insurance policy?

Only Bulger knows the answer.