Anderson going back to fundamentals

BOURBONNAIS, Ill. – Chicago Bears defensive end Mark Anderson finds himself directly in the spotlight this summer in the aftermath of the controversial and unpopular decision to release veteran end Alex Brown.

It's almost like Anderson's phenomenal rookie season, 12 regular-season sacks, keeps coming back to haunt the former fifth-round selection. Almost every question posed to Anderson the last three years centers around the same theme; why has your production dropped off so sharply since 2006?

"I'm not really trying to speak on the last couple of years," Anderson said Friday. "This is a new year, got new goals, new personnel. We're ready to just go out here and go hard. Last year, that's the past. You learn from it, build on it and get better.

"I always go back and review my past years. I try to apply that and see what I did wrong and then try to do better the upcoming year."

For all those wondering where it went wrong, Anderson admitted making at least one mistake in previous seasons: trying out too many new moves.

"I just went back to basics, fundamentals," Anderson said. "Getting off the ball is the No. 1 key, and after that just sticking to what I do best. [I have] one goal, and that's getting to the quarterback.

"No new moves. It's all the same basic moves, it's just strictly fundamentals for me. Just the same speed rush and counter, that's it."