Bears look to reduce mental mistakes

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- Physical mistakes on the football field are unavoidable.

It's the mental mistakes that tend to get players cut and coaches fired.

Busted plays, blown assignments, bad reads, poor communication; the Bears experienced every sort of mental breakdown possible against Arizona. Luckily, it's still the preseason, but time is of the essence.

"I had a bunch of them, so let's start with me," Bears veteran Desmond Clark said Monday. "I made some easy, simple mistakes, stuff that we can't tolerate or accept if we want to be a good team. But we'll be able to focus in and gets things right when it's time for [Cleveland] this week and going into Detroit [week]."

The easy explanation -- at least on offense -- is that players are still trying to grasp the new Mike Martz offense. Not true according to Clark, who is in the process of learning a new position, in addition to the new scheme.

"No, that's not the reason at all," Clark said. "We were messing up on simple things. You know, a play was going left, and you got me going right. Just simple things [caused] by a lack of focus, lack of concentration, whatever it is. But we'll be able to correct those things."

Bears wide receiver Devin Aromashodu had a slightly different take on the subject.

"We'll always have mental mistakes," Aromashodu said. "They'll be a mental mistake every single game we play in. [But] we really don't have that many, it's just that being a new offense, everyone is learning it, so it might be two people making a mistake on one play instead of it being one person. We'll always have mental mistakes whether it's our first year or tenth year in the offense."