Briggs: 'Old' guys can still play

Charles Tillman had the Bears' only interception of the game on Sunday against Detroit. Mike DiNovo/US Presswire

CHICAGO -- Most Chicago Bears players dialed down the bravado after barely escaping with a 19-14 victory over the Detroit Lions.

Lance Briggs was the lone exception.

"I more want to address some of the critics who say some of us are too old, [that] we're too slow or we're not fast enough to make plays," Briggs said outside the Bears locker room Sunday. "All the critics, you know what they can do. Fifty-four [Brian Urlacher] went out and balled today. All the guys that people have question marks [about], went out and balled today. We played good defense."

In addition to Urlacher, Briggs is presumably referencing Julius Peppers and Charles Tillman, who both contributed big plays to the win. Peppers' sack that knocked Detroit starting quarterback Matthew Stafford out of the game essentially ended any hope of the Lions' offense putting up a fight in the second half. Tillman also came away with the Bears' lone interception, while providing a solid effort on run support.

But even though Briggs made a huge play knifing through the line to force and recover a fumble in the fourth-quarter, Urlacher was by far the most dominating Bears defensive player on the field Sunday.

"[It's the best I've seen Urlacher] in two years, because he didn't play last year," Briggs said with a laugh.