Bears WRs coach: Lions planned for Hester

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- Devin Hester only caught one pass this past weekend because Detroit opted to double-team the wideout for much of the game, according to Bears wide receivers coach Darryl Drake.

"There were some times he wasn't open," Drake said. "They had bracket coverage over there a lot of the times to take him away. They would also roll a corner up on him with a safety. If that happens, you are going to go to the other side. That's why D.A. [Devin Aromashodu] had so many opportunities coming to him, because he had one-on-one matchups. Devin, a couple times, may have been a step off from where he needed to be. That's being in those proper spots. We'll get better at it and a lot of it too was probably some of me. They played some different looks that they have not shown, [and] I got to do a better job coaching and preparing them versus every look you can possibly see.

"His depth was proper and the majority of time he was where he needed to be. There were some times he was the primary receiver in some situations and it might not have worked out the way he wanted, or Jay wanted, or I wanted. That happens in football."

Hester took a very diplomatic approach when discussing his lack of opportunities last week. But according to Drake, he would expect any receiver to be disappointed over not getting the football, even though the Bears continue to stress that Mike Martz's system allows for a different person to put up big numbers every single week.

"That's human nature for anybody because they all want to show what they can do and be in a situation where they get it," Drake said. "I would not want a receiver in this offense that doesn't want the ball. If there's one in this offense that doesn't want the ball, he's got to go somewhere else. That's natural."

In other non-Hester related receiver matters, Drake, one of more candid members of the coachig staff, panned the collective performance of his group in Week 1.

"You get opportunities to make plays, it's a game, you got to make them," Drake said. "There were some opportunities we had [and] didn't make them. Disappointed in some things as far as angles. Guys got hit a few times because they took bad angles. But those are things that are correctable. But it's a a good thing we won the game because it was a lot easier for me to scream than if we had lost."

Drake also confirmed Cutler was at fault for the obvious misfire between the quarterback and wideout Johnny Knox this past weekend. Cutler took the blame when addressing the media before Wednesday's practice.