Surprised by 2-0 start? Bears aren't

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Few people outside the Chicago Bears locker room predicted a road win against the Cowboys.

But after a 27-20 victory, their second straight to open the season, perhaps the Bears are beginning to change some minds both locally and nationally.

"We're really not too concerned [about outside opinion]," Bears tight end Greg Olsen said. "On the outside we haven't had too many positive things said about many of us. That's the nature of the game we play and we don't let anybody else define what we are able to do. If we win enough games, that will speak for itself.

"I don't really think any of us are all too surprised to be [2-0]," Olsen said. "We felt very confident and very capable of coming in here and beating a really good team. That wasn't a surprise. We weren't over there saying, ‘wow, I can't believe this is happening’. I feel we are a very good team."

A home win next Monday night versus Green Bay would erase any doubt about the Bears legitimacy, even if the players feel these past two victories were proof enough.