Aromashodu healthy; hoping to play more

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- Confusion continues to swirl around the Chicago Bears’ decision to sit wide receiver Devin Aromashodu for much of their Week 2 game at Dallas.

The team continues to publicize the fact Aromashodu was injured last week, and that somehow played a factor in the wideout failing to see much of the field.

Aromashodu was asked Thursday to clarify his health status.

"Oh yes, I'm healthy," Aromashodu said.

The health excuse doesn't make much sense considering Aromashodu did not appear on the Bears official injury report last Friday.

Granted, the Bears listed Aromashodu as having limited participation last Wednesday with a knee injury, but the wideout had full participation on Thursday. Being limited in practice one day shouldn't disqualify a player -- especially the team’s leading receiver in Week 1 -- from being included in the upcoming week's game plan. Players are limited in practice all the time, yet they still start and perform on Sunday.

Whatever the true reason, Aromashodu still hasn't received an explanation or sought one out from the coaching staff, according to the receiver.

But there are two things certain to send any NFL receiver into the proverbial doghouse: (1) drops, and (2) an unwillingness to block.

End of story.

Just for the record, Aromashodu has been playing in the slot since offseason workouts, so any argument that questions his ability to learn the slot position is nonsense.

The important issue now is whether Aromashodu will find himself back in the receiver rotation for the all-important Monday night home game against Green Bay.

"Yeah, I hope so," Aromashodu said. "We'll see what happens. We'll see as the week goes."