Thursday's highlights: Mike Martz

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- Here are a few highlights of Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz's media session on Thursday.

Q: What have you seen from Green Bay’s defense so far?

A: The thing that jumps off the screen at you is their speed at linebacker. [Clay] Matthews is obviously having a heck of a year. Lots of speed, they are downhill on everybody. They don’t make mistakes on defense. They don’t get out of position. They have very good coaches and very good players.

Q: Why was Devin Aromashodu’s playing time so limited against the Cowboys?

A: I don’t know if we need to justify any of those things to anybody. I would just say this and we’ll let this thing go: Devin is a bit of a specialist in that he doesn’t play the slot, which we asked him to do in the opener. He’s not comfortable in there. He’s not familiar with it. All four of our other receivers do play the slot and the outside. Devin just plays the outside. So his opportunities to play are reduced dramatically because of his limited knowledge of what we do at that position. He’s not a slot or a nickel guy. He’s outside. It has nothing to do with Devin’s performance.

Q: Can you take us through the adjustments this team made against the Cowboys?

A: Those are adjustments we make as a staff. We make those every week. We made the adjustments in the first quarter, but the execution was much better this week than it was last week, and that’s where the focus should be. We made adjustments against Detroit. They just didn’t come out as good. The point is as long as we keep getting better, and having attention to detail, and make fewer mistakes, we’ll keep getting better and better. We did get better this week. We need to get better next week. Everybody adjusts. The onus is on the players when those adjustments are made to execute them. The level of execution was pretty good.

Q: Was it a bit of a chess game out there?

A: All coordinators -- not just me -- but everybody, when something happens defensively that puts you in a bad position, you have to be able to adjust. Our guys are at the point where they can make the adjustments and really execute them. That’s what has me excited. So when they do something and we have to adjust, we’re not indecisive or iffy about things. They go fast. That was what so much fun. Hopefully, it will get better and better each week. This isn’t about the play-calling. It’s about executing. It’s good to have success with what you do. When you start off it could go either way, and this is such a young group of receivers together for the first time. So to have a little success like this [is encouraging]. Are we where we need to be? No. We’ve made progress. We’re not as good as we can be. We have to get better.

Q: Jay Cutler took some shots early on. Did you learn something about him from this game?

A: Nothing fazed him. His control in this game, his awareness -- very calm -- he knew exactly what needed to be done. There’s so much information with these guys, particularly with Jay, [that] he doesn’t have to think about things anymore. It was fun to watch him quickly get the ball out, and that will get better and better as the weeks go on. Fundamentally, [quarterbacks coach] Shane Day has done an excellent job working with him on all those things. He’s pretty grooved in on all those things.