Hanie not jumpy, just staying connected

Caleb Hanie got on the field at the end of the third quarter, relieving Todd Collins. AP Photo/Mike McCarn

CHARLOTTE -- To the untrained eye, Caleb Hanie looked ready to enter Sunday's game long before the Chicago Bears made the official quarterback switch late in the third quarter.

Normally, a backup quarterback dons a baseball cap on the sidelines, but Hanie opted to wear his helmet whenever the Bears offense, led by Todd Collins, took the field.

"Today, we had only one headset on the sidelines and Jay [Cutler] was wearing it," Hanie said after the Bears' 23-6 victory over the Panthers. "During the game I had my helmet on because I was trying to get the calls through the helmet so I could hear them as well. I was wearing my helmet most of the game because of that. It was just so I could practice hearing the calls the same as if I would if I were on the field."

Although Collins struggled in the first half, the Bears did not approach Hanie at halftime.

"They were with Todd the whole time [at halftime] and didn't say anything about that," Hanie said. "I just knew I had to be ready no matter what, in case he goes down or whatever. I just knew if they needed me, I had to be ready. I didn't need them to do that [talk to me at halftime]. Even if they would have put me in [without a heads up], I would have been fine."

Hanie replaced Collins at the end of the third quarter and completed 2 of 3 passes for 19 yards.