Carter: Cutler won't last; Vikes win North

Former Philadelphia Eagles and Minnesota Vikings great Cris Carter not only doesn't think the Chicago Bears will win the NFC North, but he doesn't even think Jay Cutler will last the season.

"I'm really shocked with Mike Tice and his ability to coach an offensive line, and being the offensive line coach, and how he hasn't been able to [develop] some type of system," Carter said on "Mike & Mike" on ESPN Radio. 'Mike Tice is a very good offensive line coach, but he hasn't been able to put in some type of pass protection to be able to protect Cutler.

"That's why I believe the Vikings will win the North, because Cutler will not make it through the season with that offensive line. One human being can only take so much pounding. I don't care how brave they seem to be."