Cutler talks about improving protection

Jay Cutler met the media at Halas Hall on Wednesday. Here's a transcription of what he said.

On improving

We have to figure things out. Whether it's us as players not paying attention and doing exactly what we're supposed to do, or if it's something they're doing differently. We have to figure it out. Everyone has to get better.

We're 4-2, and we have one more game before the bye. We're still in a good position in the [NFC North] and the NFC, so I don't think there's a need to hit the panic button, by any means. But we have to get better, there's no doubt about it.

We have to complete some balls, have to hit some hots, I have to get a little more accurate and we have to protect better. Everyone, it takes 11 guys. This offense is so detailed if one guy is off it's going to have a traumatic effect on the outcome of the play.

We have to get more consistent.

Is there an ability to audible in this system?

No, not in this offense. Didn't really have the ability to do that in Denver either. There are answers out there.

Every play, there are a 1,000 different scenarios that could go down, 1,000 different variables. Receivers are cutting routes, they're doing different stuff on the line and I'm doing different things. We've got backs checking different guys, coast to coast. It's very complex, everything is built into it. It's just a matter of us doing it correctly.

What was it like going to Denver to play for Mike Shanahan

Anytime you can go to an organization like that with a coach and offensive leader like Mike Shanahan with the way he's been successful in the past in developing quarterbacks, it was a lot of fun. It was a lot of fun my first year there, and then the next two.

On the Redskins

They're a talented team, really talented team, good secondary. They're going to come after us. In the past couple of games, if they go back and watch, they'll see where we had difficulties. We should expect blitz, and they have a secondary back there to cover some people up.

On the challenge for the offensive line

If we're going to get blitzed as much as we get blitzed, it's going to be hard for them to pick up guys on the move and find gaps. It's difficult. It's really difficult for an offensive line. Those guys on the right side are still learning, and Olin [Kreutz] is doing his best to get them in the right position.

On the NFL cracking down on excessive hits

It's hard to tell defensive guys going as fast as they are, that they have to aim for a certain spot, that's going to be tough duty.

On ensuring he doesn't get hit as much

Everyone takes part in that. It starts up front, and it's my job to get rid of the ball on time, it's the receivers job to get open and convert their routes when they're supposed to convert them. Everyone takes part in the passing game and our ability to execute them.

Do you believe the quarterback gets more hits in this system?

I don't. I do not.

On his relationship with Shanahan

Close. He was hands on with me when I first got there. He was in our meetings room, checking in. He did his utmost to make sure I was going in the right direction and they weren't trying to overwhelm me.

On Greg Olsen's lack of involvement

It's game by game. If they're going to take away guys, other guys have to step up. So we're doing everything possible to get Greg involved, and some he'll be more involved than others.

On being optimistic about improving

As players and a staff and as a whole organization, we've identified the problem and we're going to attack it and fix it. If we were in a different situation, if our record was reversed, we'd probably a little more adamant about it than we are now. We're still in a good spot, still have a good team and we have to fix the problems and move on.