Sluggish offense needs Randy Moss

In the interest of keeping you interested, I'll abstain from transcribing and transmitting the quotes I got at Halas Hall on Monday.

But if you really want to know what was on the minds of Lovie Smith and the handful of players I talked to, or listen to talk, I'll summarize with a haiku:

Good to get on field Running ball helps you win games Bills not that crappy

Is everyone caught up? Well good, now let me just get up on my soapbox and tell a professional football team ranked in the top 32 by Forbes Magazine how to handle its business.

Sign Randy Moss. Sign him tomorrow and pay him the $3.38 million he's owed for the rest of the season. You can pay him in "straight cash homey," his preferred method of paying fines, or you can pay him in unsold Jay Cutler jerseys.

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