Olsen beats Bills -- and Bennett -- for TD

Greg Olsen had three catches for 29 yards and a touchdown against the Bills. Rick Stewart/Getty Images

TORONTO -- Greg Olsen had to beat a determined defender to the football on his 4-yard touchdown reception in the second quarter.

Unfortunately, that defender was Bears wide receiver Earl Bennett, who almost accidentally prevented his own teammate from hauling in the first score of the game and a 7-0 Bears lead.

"We just ended up getting two guys in the same area," Olsen said. "He thought I was the defender. I don't know what happened, but it was a good thing we ended up scoring a touchdown. He thought I was coming up over his back trying to interfere, so he got up looking for a penalty. Then he realized it was me. It worked out."

The Bears talked openly during the week of wanting to get Olsen more involved in the game plan against the Bills. The tight end was targeted a team-high eight times, and finished with three catches for 29 yards, including the touchdown.

Olsen also came up with a big third-down catch in the fourth quarter that helped set up Bennett's winning touchdown grab.

"We were hoping for a man look on that play, but they didn't; they zoned out," Olsen said. "Then it becomes a point of just trying to get open and find a clear path between you and the quarterback. The offensive line kept Jay [Cutler] really clean on that play, and gave him a lot of time to allow us to work. Fortunately, we were able to pick up that big third down there on that drive where we needed a touchdown. Give those offensive linemen and Jay credit."