Cutler: Vick vs. Bears' D is intriguing

Jay Cutler said his offensive line is playing much better lately. Mark J. Rebilas/US Presswire

One day after leading the Chicago Bears past the Miami Dolphins, Jay Cutler set his sights Friday on Michael Vick, who leads the Philadelphia Eagles to Soldier Field on Nov. 28.

"Michael is playing unbelievable right now," Cutler said on "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000. "He's making real good decisions in the passing game, tucking it and running it whenever he gets an opportunity. Not really forcing stuff.

"It's going to be a good matchup with our defense, the way our defense swarms to the ball we're going to try to contain him."

The Eagles' defense also might have to think about containing the quarterback, because Cutler's mobility has become a weapon for the Bears. And offensive coordinator Mike Martz, who's in his first year with Cutler and the Bears, is becoming more flexible.

"I've been doing it since high school, obviously with [Mike Shanahan] in Denver," Cutler said. "That was one of his staples.

"It's a little new to Mike. He's never really done that. He's never really called it. In the heat of the battle of a game, that doesn't click with him to dial those up. But he's learning real quickly. He's definitely incorporating those, putting emphasis on that to get me out of the pocket and call some plays that way."

Cutler said the offense is trying to ease the burden on the defense.

"It's a whole team thing," Cutler said. "And if [the defense] going to go up there and play like that, we can try to run the ball, we can control the clock a little bit, and help those guys out. Because we don't want them on the field the whole game. And the offensive line is playing better."

As far as skeptics who don't believe in the Bears' 7-3 record yet, Cutler does not sound concerned.

"Seven-and-three is 7-3," he said. "We're going to take them any way we can.

"It's hard to win in the NFL. Each week is a challenge and struggle, especially a Thursday night game like that. Luckily for us, the defense has played unbelievable for 10 games. They really carried us. And offensively we're headed in the right direction, figuring things out."