Lovie is impressed with Eagles' McCoy

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- Given the Thanksgiving holiday, Bears coach Lovie Smith kept his remarks short Thursday as the team headed off the practice field.

Here’s a transcript of what the coach had to say in his brief meeting with reporters:

Lovie Smith: Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. We have so much to be thankful for. Our football team, it seemed like [on] this day, you don’t have to give anyone a pep talk. Everybody is excited, can’t wait to get the practice in, and then get home, eat a little bit and enjoy some time with family. The team is in great shape. Everyone practiced today. We realize the importance of this game. And we’ll be ready to go.

What have you gathered from watching tape of Philadelphia’s receivers?

Smith: Just athletic, fast guys. [DeSean] Jackson, and [Jeremy] Maclin are both the same. Both can change the game quickly. They’ve been a big-play offense; a lot of long passes with them. So we’ll have our hands full. It’s not just [quarterback Michael] Vick. I’m going to say the same thing about [running back LeSean] McCoy, [and] their running game; excellent player, too.

What does McCoy bring to the Eagles offense?

Smith: He’s not as well known [as former Eagles running back Brian Westbrook], but he can do all the things Westbrook did. [He’s] excellent out of the backfield, catching the ball, [and] can make you miss in the open field. Most people don’t realize they’re third in the league in rushing, and a lot of it has to do with him.

What are you thankful for today?

Smith: Oh, I’m thankful for so much. Just being here, No. 1. I have an opportunity to lead a great team like the Chicago Bears, and of course my family. What more can you ask for, if your family is healthy. Can’t wait to go home and spend a little bit of time with them, too. I like spending time with you. But I can’t wait to get there and spend time with them.

On this team, which player do you think can eat the most?

Smith: You look at the size, and that’ll give you a start. I would say one of our offensive linemen, without singling out one.