Lovie Smith sets tone for success

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- As a fire-spitting orator, Lovie Smith's reputation precedes him. He's somewhere between George Will and Jerry Manuel.

So when we got the news that he chewed out the defense for their lackluster effort in the first half Sunday, well, it became a story. A football coach yelling at players. Real breaking news there.

Next thing you know, we'll find out football players lead with their helmets to make tackles.

So, just how mad was Smith at halftime in Detroit with the Bears trailing the Lions?

"Still mild-mannered, but maybe instead of talking at a five, he was talking at a nine," safety Chris Harris said Monday at Halas Hall. "Lovie's not a guy who swears, he's still a mild-mannered guy, but when he's angry, you know he's angry and he gets his point across and it gets across to the players the way it should be."

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