Yep, the Patriots are that good

CHICAGO -- This week, Lovie Smith decided to deliver his motivational talk before the game and not wait until halftime.

And so he used the story of Army Staff Sergeant Sal Giunta, war hero, Medal of Honor winner and Bears fan to be honored at Sunday's game, as a means to deliver the message to his players on Saturday night.

"He was talking about how Giunta was protecting the guy that was next to him [in a Taliban ambush three years ago in one of the most dangerous regions of Afghanistan]," said Bears tackle Anthony Adams. "And he was talking about how we had to the exact same thing."

And so the Bears raced out into the elements Sunday in a football stadium originally named to honor the very men and women to which Smith referred; Adams shaking Giunta's hand; the team giving him a "4th Phase" flag, which signifies the contribution of Bears fans.

And then they laid an egg.

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