Weather or not, Patriots were ready

CHICAGO -- The Chicago Bears wouldn't point to the inclement weather at Soldier Field as a factor in their 36-7 loss Sunday to the New England Patriots.

The visiting team didn't see it as a factor, either.

"It wasn't as bad as I think .. we probably initially thought," Patriots tackle Matt Light said. "The wind gusts were pretty nasty at times, but overall it wasn't a huge factor I didn't think.

"[Tom Brady] was able to get the ball down the field, and guys were able to get open and keep their footing."

Patriots' receiver Wes Welker, who caught eight passes for 115 yards, said the club's mentality played a significant role in the weather not affecting the execution.

"You just need to bring a certain type of attitude in this type of weather, and make sure you're on top of your game, and don't let the elements distract you, and really bring it that much more," Welker said. "For me, it was about getting my mind set right that we were going to go out there and make plays, move the ball, and especially early in the game, try and get up on these guys which we were able to do."

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, who was critical of the turf at Soldier Field leading into the game, also said the weather didn't play a role.

"We could have been playing anywhere," Cutler said. "[It] didn't matter what the field was. It didn't matter what kind of grass we had down there."